Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where have I been?

So, I totally love blogging. Believe it, or not. I was looking back at some of my 2010 posts (especially the Japan posts), and I am inspired to Blog Again! I have been quite busy with life, school, work (paid and unpaid). Of course, there is that minor little detail -- the birth of my son, Aidan Matthew. He is precious - born May 26, 2012. He is close to seven months old and says "MaMa, MaMa" and "DaDa, DaDa," of course he says "DaDa, DaDa" when he is happy and playing, and "MaMaMahhh" when he is crying and needs something -- It's nice to know that some things in the universe remain constant!

I still love food and beauty. I am still cooking, eating and finding ways to cook the foods I love with a healthy twist (where applicable, some things need a little butter or cream as Julia Childs might say). I have a few recipes that I created with kids in mind, including veggieful chicken lettuce wraps and a southwest salad. I would like to take pics of these before posting the recipes, but I swear, I will blog again soon. That is all for now, just a tease!