Friday, April 9, 2010

An American Classic

Hello again! It has been a while since being stuck in the apartment with all of the snow! It's a bit harder to find time to blog since the snow melted - but have no fear...I have a back log of food and fun stay tuned!

I decided that my return post would be about a vintage inspired classic. I have been thinking a lot about America lately, as many of us have and I wanted to share this mountain of 1950's Americana-deliciousness with you all.

I made this for my husband's 33rd birthday due to his many subtle "pistachio" pudding references that I logged in my brain throughout our relationship. Let's face it folks, it is instant pistachio pudding mixed with "whipped topping", poured into a pie plate lined with vanilla wafers. I think this basic recipe is on the back of pudding mixes everywhere. Food snobs beware, this humble, unnatural treat was unrivaled in crowd satisfaction! One of the greatest joys of making this was seeing the instant pudding set before my eyes!! Ohhh modern technology!

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