Friday, April 9, 2010

Irish Cows are Smiling??

Irish cows smiling and a green cow cookies may have you confused. Random, yes, well...maybe. You see, my mind sometimes connects things in a "unique" way. The genesis of the Irish cow cookie starts with a couple we are friends with who happen to have a St. Paddy's Day wedding anniversary. They also happen to have Anniversary/St. Paddy's Day parties. We also recently went on a trip with this couple to Lancaster, PA to savor the kitsch and charm of Amish farm country. So, when the St. Paddy's party came around this year --naturally-- I thought Irish cow cookies!! I mean, I love using the cow cutter, so any chance to use it is exciting...I have made traditional cows, pink and brown cows and psychedelic cows to date.

Check out some of the other cookies too. They include a wheel barrow with shamrocks inside...of course I was very excited about that one, but people didn't so much understand what it was. I think one of the comments was..."is that an Irish rocket ship?" Oh well, they can't ALL be Irish cow cookies.

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